Short on updates because I’ve been doing more repairs than programming

I managed to replace my iPhone 5 screen and Macbook Air keyboard

iPhone 5 screen replacement was fairly straightforward. I replaced the whole screen as opposed to just the LCD and digitizer

For the Macbook Air keyboard, people recommend replacing the entire upper case because the keyboard removal is a destructive process. The backlight is held to the case with adhesive and the keyboard itself is held in place by plastic rivets. It’s very easy to damage the backlight when removing it and it takes time to remove parts of the rivets that are stuck in place. Basically, it takes a decent amount of effort and there’s a moderate chance the repair will go awry. Lastly, there’s no guarantee that the issue is with the keyboard and not somewhere else. Given these considerations, I can definitely see why a repair shop would recommend replacing the complete upper case.

Tip: when ordering the keyboard. make sure to order replacement screws or something comparable to replace the rivets.

I have a couple electronics projects that I want to build too, but I’ll probably do some programming before tackling those.