Metabase. I can’t seem to reproduce the issue on the dev version, and I found a quick fix for the OS X app: go to Settings -> Database -> Select the affected database and then go back to the query screen. My guess is it’s something weird with the conditional for checking if the database supports variables that gets reset when doing certain actions in Metabase (there are other actions that fixes the issue). The next step would be to compile an OS X app from the dev version.

React Native App. Figured out that I need to use StackNavigation to wrap a screen so that it could have a navigation bar in tab navigation.

I was looking into WASM to remove the server requirement for an old project, but then I found `toDataUrl` which essentially does the same thing. This should fix the main issue with the project: using the server to generate the image does not guarantee that the image would be what the user saw on the frontend. Aiming for a front-end only re-release within the coming week.

I'm very excited about WASM. If we can get PWA distribution right and have WASM, maybe we can have efficient distributed apps directly through the browser.

The old version of this application was in Rails. Re-visiting Rails, I stil find they get a lot of things right in terms of convention over configuration. Even if I don’t use Rails, I definitely take away a lot of ideas from that framework into my non-Rails projects. While I find myself personally drifting towards libraries over frameworks, Rails existence as a reference point provides a ton of value. This is similar for many frameworks. I want them to exist just to see all the design decisions that they made, even if I end up choosing not to use the framework.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of detailed information on RAR or h.264 files. Tempted to dive into code and try to figure out these file formats.