Starting a journal to solidify my thoughts and keep myself on track with respect to my side projects, random thoughts, and ideas. I had a version of this locally but I wasn't motivated enough to keep it up, so this is an experiment to see if publishing would provide the proper motivation.

Spent some time looking at Monica CRM. There are a couple of things that I'm not crazy about: e-mail notifications and auto-updating reminders. I prefer overdue reminders to remain and be shown on its original date, but have a quick way to update the date. I’ve updated mine to show overdue dates and I don't run the cron script, but the quick update will probably take a decent amount of work. I’m tempted to write my own CRM.

I’ve been investigating a strange Metabase bug. The variables button doesn’t show up in the OSX application for a PostgreSQL database. I’m not sure what exactly is causing it. So far, I’ve gotten the dev version setup and have been able to find the code that controls whether the variables icon is displayed.

There’s a side project that I’ve been working on for React Native that I hope to have done in the next few months. I’ve laid out the initial screens but trying to get the UX correct for the main view. I’ve needed to re-think the UI for a mobile interface. The smaller screen real estate and relying on touch first requires a different experience than I’m used to with desktop applications.

Whenever I have time, I want to put some effort into making a comic and/or a game. I’m still in the research and early design stages for both.